Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poetry Friday is Here Today!

Welcome poets, pals , and random peoples! Please post a note about your poem and link in the comments, and I will add you to my list throughout the day!

"School's out for summer!" sings Alice Cooper and all of us at the Polark house this week. It's our first full week without school. My five year old calls it "fake summer" because he says that summer doesn't really start until the 21st. As spring and "fake summer" ends, I give you my original poem about spring that I wrote for a contest this year at Word Wrangler. I am happy to say goodbye to icy rain and hello to sunny days at the pool. How about you?


Spring is a tease.
She embraces me with her warmth one day,
Then she pummels me with ice the next.
She asks for forgiveness with cold raining tears
And flowers every color of the rainbow.
Then once again she’s bitter and cold.
I think I prefer to be friends with her sister, Summer.
Summer’s hot.

-by Kelly Polark, all rights reserved.

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